Conditions in late September for the GR20 North.


Posted: Wed, Aug 3, 2011, 18:59

My wife and I are planning on hiking the northern part of the GR20 with a friend in late September (last week in September probably). I was wondering about two things in particular:

1. What are the average temperatures like during this time? Does it drop below freezing at night? Are the daytime temperatures warm still? Is the possibility of snow storms something to worry about at this time?

2. Everything I've read so far indicates that the refuges are staffed June to September. Are they staffed through the end of September? Since we'll bring our own tents and camp at the refuges (even if they're closed) our only real concern with this is whether or not we need to plan on bringing food for the whole trip or if we can plan on purchasing some of our meals.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!