Getting to Castellu di Verghio from Basti or Calvi


Posted: Thu, Sep 1, 2011, 22:19

Hi all,

My father and i are planning to do the northern part of GR20 (south to north, from Castellu di Verghio to Calenzana) in mid September.

Any reason why we should do it north to south instead?

How can we get to Castellu di Verghio from Basti or Calvi? Train? Bus? Taxi? Is the refuge close to the road?

How long should we expect to use on the hike? I'm assuming 5-6 days.

Will all shelters/cabins be open at this time of the season, and do they all serve food?

We didn't book any beds at any refuge yet. Are they normally fully booked this late in the season? How about available tent space?

I read a post where somebody complained about serious flea bites after sleeping at one of the cabins. Does anybody know what cabins have this problem, or if it is a problem at all?

Hope to hear from some of you! Really looking forward to this trip!:-)