Custom Officers Routes (Cap Corse and Agriates Desert)


Posted: Sun, Oct 16, 2011, 11:32

Hi, for a few weeks I've been thinking about doing the GR20 next summer and have been reading quite a bit about the route and the rest of Corsica.

Now, I was thinking, to get in the right mood to start traversing mountains, I'd walk the two Custom Officers Routes.

Has anyone here walked one of these two? Are the paths marked well? Are they doable? And do you have any advice for these two coastal routes?


Posted: Sun, Oct 16, 2011, 16:13

I think that it does make good sense to do a bit of preparation before taking on the longer route. I affraid that I haven't been further North on the island that Bastia so cannot comment on the Customs routes. When we first went to the island we went straight onto the Fra li Monti but we felt confident that we had done the mileage and uphill work in Scotland prior to going. The routes with fewer days of travel were visited during subsequent visits. We were aware that, on the longer route, that folks were disappearing from the walk fairly regularly owing to e.g. foot/boot problems and one poor young woman ended her holiday when she tripped and did some damage to her ankle when leaving the first refuge at Calinzana. Take it easy during the first day on the Fra li Monti it is a big uphill climb. First time was in very strong sunlight the second occasion was a pleasant sunshine but deteriorated into rain during the second half of the day.