One Piece 1011 Delayed Early Spoiler Leaks


Posted: Mon, Nov 29, 2021, 1:55

One Piece 1011 Delayed: Early Spoiler Leaks?
One Piece 1011 release will be a bit late as the manga goes on a break once more. The recent developments in the rooftop fight just got things to the next level. It looks like the worst generations are cautious and won’t try to push their luck because a slight mistake could lead to the annihilation of the entire team. With that in mind, they keep getting back up when it appears that the worst is about to come. And will Luffy leading the battle of endurance, then they can not afford to get left behind.

One Piece 1010 focused mainly on the events at the rooftop. Zoro went all out to stop Kaidou from finishing up Luffy. But that only left a scar that Kadou commented will remain with him. On the other hand, Kaidou wonders how much Luffy is yet to grow in terms of strengths and willpower. Because right now, it seems like Kaidou ranks him with the likes of Gol’ D Roger and Oden as he reminisces about tough foes he has faced before.

so #ONEPIECE1011 is on break next week.


Posted: Thu, Dec 2, 2021, 9:14

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