The days of tediously submitting Imagine this scenario 2021


Posted: Sun, Dec 12, 2021, 17:32

The days of tediously submitting your articles to article directories one by one are over!

Imagine this scenario. There you are, in front of your keyboard, proud as punch after putting the finishing touches to your latest article. Feeling good? Great. But, if you are going to submit this article to multiple article directories your work is far from over.

In fact, you’re not even close. Unless you’re a magician, that is. You’ll spend hour upon hour manually copying and pasting to submit your article to all the sites that accept articles. What a drag! What a waste of time that could be better spent on other projects or writing more articles.

If you wish you had some help on occasions like this, you’re not alone. The good news is that I think I’ve found a wizard for you. It’s called Article Submitter Pro, and it is an incredibly powerful software application.

With Article Submitter Pro, you choose which web sites you want to submit your article to. Next, Article Submitter Pro determines the requirements for each site, formats your article to satisfy those requirements, and fills in as much of the forms as possible.

I was amazed at just how accurately it does this. I submitted one of my articles to over 100 article databases and the fields were automatically filled out correctly almost every single time. As a result I was able to submit to all these sites in a tiny fraction of the time it would have taken manually.

You can also create multiple bio boxes. Do you want a different bio on each article? No problem. Or would you like to submit a random bio with each submission? Again, Article Submitter Pro delivers. And don’t worry over whether the bio should be merged with the article or in a field by itself – the software works that out for you, too.

With this software you can also grab an article off your website and fill in all the text fields perfectly, ready for submission, in next to no time.
Now let’s look at management ability. One of the problems I have had in the past is remembering which sites I’ve submitted to and which ones I still need to do. This software keeps a record of all the articles you've ever submitted, and it’s virtually impossible to accidentally send the same article to a submission site twice.

There are just a couple of areas that I feel Article Submitter Pro needs some improvement.

Firstly, the web site says you can store your login information for each article submission site, but that feature seems to have been disabled in the current version. And it would be such an advantage to have it do just that.

Secondly, when merging the bio following an article, the software sometimes inserts your bio twice, requiring you to edit out one of them.

In conclusion, this software is superb. At $167, Article Submitter Pro is worth every dollar. The many powerful features far outweigh the few areas for improvement. It promises to help you submit your articles to hundreds of sites quickly, and it surely delivers on that promise.

I’ve already saved loads of time. But more importantly, I’ve had tons of traffic pouring in to my web site. And my sales climbed immediately. In fact, Article Submitter Pro paid for itself within just a few days.