Warning: Bet bugs in Refuge de Carrozzu


Posted: Sun, Oct 23, 2011, 20:03

Beginning of October we slept at the Refuge de Carrozzu. We ignored some warnings about “bugs that bite” and slept in the hut thinking, this is France not Asia. The next morning we found out be the marks on our skin, that the sleeping room was full of bed bugs. We removed literally more than 50 bugs from our baggage and did not succeed in removing all of them. We got new bites for the rest of our walk.

There have been people from around the world which have travelled Asia and Africa and have never seen a sleeping room infected that heavily. And the infection must have been there for a long time. We all have been very disappointed.

Lesson to learn:
1. Read about bed bugs at home so you recognize their marks.
2. Carry some kind of sleeping pad with you so your can sleep outside or in the eating room, if you find the nasty bugs.

It was a really bad experience on a wonderful trip.

Be careful!


Posted: Tue, Jan 3, 2012, 4:14

Yes, there are bed bugs in several huts! I did the trail this fall and had many bites from bed bugs. Terrible. I had a sleeping pad that I used over the beds but it's not enough to avoid the problem.
The GR20 is an amazing trail. I would do it again but only in a tent!