Weather & Climate

Climate overview

Corsica has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and moderate, dry, clear winters. Climate varies with altitude and mountain forms though. It's rather alpine than Mediterranean in the mountains. The main mountain range divides the island roughly in half -- the North is hotter than the South, while the East is wetter than the West.


Annual temperatures for AjaccioAnnual temperatures for Ajaccio

The chart on the right shows monthly temperatures in degrees Celsius (°C - use Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion calculator to get values in degrees Fahrenheit) for Ajaccio located in the Southwest cost of Corsica. The range between the low and high averages are represented by the yellow bars. The blue line shows the lowest recorded temperature, while the red line shows the highest recorded temperature.

As you can see, frost is not usual in the coastal areas, but it can appear between November and April. It freezes and snows more often in the mountains -- for instance the famous GR20 path is open only between mid-July to the end of October. Camping is possible between May and October in lower altitudes. Average sea temperatures range from about 19 °C in June and October to 23 °C in August. The sea is usually too cold to swim in between November and May.

In spring or autumn you may feel colder due to the strong wind, that blows in the mountains and in the seaside.

Sunshine and rainfall

There's an annual average of 71 hours of sun a day. Average sunlight varies from 4-5 hours a day in winter to 10-12 hours a day in summer. Again, there are usually more cloudy in the mountains.

The rainiest months are March, April, October and November. It's generally dry from May to September, especially on the cost. Storms are common in the mountains during summer. In general, the East is wetter than the West. The table below shows the average rainfall in millimetres as well as number of wet days by month.

Long-term averages for Ajaccio

MonthAverage Sunlight (hours)TemperatureRelative humidityAverage Precipitation (mm)Wet Days (+0.25 mm)

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