Walk around mountain and seaside villages North of Bastia

An easy 6-hour walk through mountain and seaside villages around Bastia. The route follows low-traffic yet well-marked roads and is suitable for a bike trip as well.

Mountain and seaside villages North of Bastia in Northern Corsica (Haute Corse).
Hike Time and Distance
5-6 hours, 22 km (13.7 miles), shorter variants exists.
Elevation Gain
About 600 m / 1,968 ft
Easy, surfaced road
Avenue Jean Zuccharelli close to the port of Bastia.
There are alternate roads from Bastia to Ville-di-Pietrabugno and a shortcut from Acqualta to Pietranera.
Bastia is the biggest Corsican town directly accessible by ferry or plain.
More information
Mountain villages around Bastia (Martin's Virtual Nothingness)

Map of the trail

The map below shows the trail in purple with red markers indicating important way points.


  1. Bastia
  2. Ville-di-Pietrabugno
  3. San-Martino-di-Lota
  4. Miomo
  5. Grigione
  6. Pietranera

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