Walk around Balagne from Lumio to Algajola

One-day walking around Balagne region across most picturesque villages of Corsica (Lavatoggio, Cateri, Aregno, San Antonino, Pigna, Corbara), handful of old chapels, including a masterpiece of Pisan architecture Eglise de la Trinite, and two monasteries of Marcasso and Corbara.

Balagne region between Calvi and L'Ille Rousse.
Hike Time and Distance
5 1/2 hours (Lumio - Lavatoggio 1h30, Lavatoggio - Aregno 0h30, Aregno - Sant' Antonino 0h30, Sant' Antonino - Monte Sant Angelo 1h, Monte Sant Angelo - Corbara 1h, Corbara - Algajola 1h). Total distance of the basic route from Lumio to Algajola is 16 km (10 miles), variant from Lavatoggio to Aregno across Avapessa is 5.4 km (3.3 miles) and side trip to Sant Angelo is 1.2 km (0.8 mile).
Elevation Gain
650 m / 3379 ft
Easy yet rather long walk without much shade. May be tedious in hot summer.
Lumio or Algajola (can be walked in both directions).
Both Lumio and Algajola are on the main road N197 connecting Calvi with L'Ille Rousse. Algajola is also directly accessible by train (Tramways de Balagne) from Calvi or L'Ile Rousse and another "tramway" station (Ondari-Arinella) is about 20-minute walk from Lumio.
A longer route across Avapessa takes you to two old chapels of San Cervone and San Cesareo. There is a shortcut from Corbara monastery to the village of Corbara along the road D151, but then you miss the lovely village of Pigna. Another shortcuts go from Aregno and Pigna directly to Algajola.
Food and Accommodation
Plenty of bars, restaurants and shops along the way, although some of them may be closed off-season. Gite d'Etape in Avapessa and three campsites in Algajola.
IGN 4149

Map of the trail

The map below shows the trail from Lumio to Algajola in purple with red markers indicating important way points. The blue line shows an alternate path across Avapessa and the side trip to Monte Sant Angelo.


  1. Lumio
  2. Notre Dame de la Stella
  3. San Giovanni di Venti
  4. Lavatoggio
  5. Couvent de Marcasso
  6. Eglise de le Trinite
  7. Crossroad below Sant Angelo
  8. Algajola

Points of interest

  1. San Cervone Chapel
  2. San Cesareo Chapel
  3. Monte Sant Angelo

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