Hike to Monte Stello

Half-day hike from Pozzo to Monte Stello (1307 m) takes you to the highest summit of the Cap Corse and offers you great vistas over the Northern Corsica's mountains. It's an easy hike along a well-marked path, however the total elevation gain is 1030 metres and medium fitness level is required.

Central part of the Cap Corse near Erbalunga and Nonza.
Hike Time and Distance
5 1/2 hours (Pozzo - Bocca di Santa Maria 2h30, Bocca di Santa Maria - Monte Stello 45 minutes, descent back to Pozzo 2h30). Total distance out and back is 11 km (6.8 miles).
Elevation Gain
1030 m / 3379 ft
Easy hike, medium fitness level required. The trail is well preserved, marked by orange marks.
Parking place about 100 m from the square in Pozzo.
Road D80 from Bastia to Palagaccio and Miomo, then D54 to Pozzo (12 km, 20 minutes).
Descent to Piazza and Nonza on the western coast of the Cap Corse (the blue line in the map below) or to Silgaggie (about 2.5 km north of Pozzo).
Food and Accommodation
Bar/restaurant in Pozzo, hotels and campsites in the eastern coast of the Cap Corse.
IGN 4348

Map of the trail

The map below shows the trail from Pozzo to Monte Stello in purple with red markers indicating important way points. The blue line shows an alternate descent from Monte Stello to Nonza across the villages of Piazza and Poggio.


  1. Trailhead in Pozzo (277 m)
  2. Bergerie de Teghime
  3. Bocca di Santa Maria (1097 m)
  4. Monte Stello (1307 m)
  5. Bergerie Pierragia
  6. Bergerie Laggiarelli
  7. St Erasmo Chapel
  8. Piazza
  9. Col de Negru
  10. Nonza

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