Hitchhiking in Corsica

Due to a car crash during my first visit I experienced three days of hitchhiking in Corsica. Based on this experience I can say Corsica is a hitchhiker’s heaven. I tried to get a ride four times there and I always succeeded within 20 minutes or about 20 passing cars. You have to pay attention to a couple of local specifics when hitchhiking in Corsica though:

  • Although the chances of getting a ride are quite high, don’t forget the traffic density in Corsica is far below European average and quickly declines early in the evening. While you can meet 20 cars within two minutes on major roads in the afternoon, the same 20 cars won’t come even within two hours on a local subsidiary road starting from 6 PM.
  • Many Corsican roads are only a little wider than an average car and hairpin in countless curves above steep cliffs. Hitchhiking in such places may be quite dangerous.
  • Many, if not most, Corsicans go by small wagons for two persons only. Expect inferior results when trying to get a ride with a friend. Bigger groups should be split into pairs.
  • Learn at least few French phrases. No real inland Corsican speaks English ;-)
  • Don’t be too optimistic in high tourist season, when many passing cars are fully occupied and not driven by kind Corsicans.

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