Snow in Corsica (March 07)

A lot of snow fell in Corsica last week and still lay in the mountains of Corsican interior. According to Meteo France the snow starts from 1200 m on the northern slopes and from 900 m on the southern ones of Haute-Corse (Northern Corsica — Monte Cinto and Monte Rotondo massif). There are 35-50 cm of snow in 1500 metres and up to 120 cm in the northern slopes above 2000 m. In Corse Du Sud (Southern Corsica — Monte Renoso) the snow starts in a little higher elevation between 1000-1500 m.

If you are planning a mountain hike in Corsica within next few weeks, please read my recent post about GR 20 in April. You may also find useful up-to-date Derekthered’s report Snow in the mountains on his Corsica blog.

Posted by Marek Prokop on Thu, 2007-03-29 08:22

March will be nonetheless be

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