GR 20, stage 1: Calenzana - Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu

The 1st stage of the GR 20 trail starts in Calenzana (275 m) and climbs to Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu (1570 m), which is also its highest point. Total ascent is 1295 m, total descent is only 50 m. The route is difficult, 10 km long and takes about 6h30 when walked from Calenzana, or about 5 hours in the opposite direction. Side trip to Monte Corona (2144 m) takes about 2h30.


In the map below the basic route of the GR20 is marked in dark blue. The light blue line marks a side trip to Monte Corona. The red line indicates Tra Mare e Monti trail and the green line is a variant of the GR20's 2nd stage across Bonifattu.

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  1. Calenzana (275 m)
  2. Crossroad of GR20 and Tra Mare e Monti Nord (550 m)
  3. Col de Revalente (616 m)
  4. Col de Salto (Bocca a u Saltu; 1250 m)
  5. Col de Bassiguellu (Bocca a u Bazzichellu; 1486 m)
  6. Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu (1570 m)
  7. Col de Tartagine (1852 m)
  8. Monte Corona (2144 m)
  9. Bergerie de Mandriacia (1500 m)
  10. Col de Piccaia (1950 m)
  11. Col d'Avartoli (1898)
  12. Col de Carrozzu (1865 m)
  13. Refuge de Carrozzu (1270 m)
  14. Maison Forestiere de Bonifatto (536 m)
  15. Crossing at Cirque de Bonifatu

Points of interest

  1. Capu a e Vacche (624 m)
  2. Capu di Pratu (828 m)
  3. Capu Jovu (Ghiovu; 1629 m)
  4. Cirque de Bonifatu

Lodging and food

  • There are a lot of hotels, bed&breakfasts and private rooms in Calenzana.
  • Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu offers 30 beds (7.62 €/bed), campground (3.05 €/person) and a shower.

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