45 highest Corsican mountains

Although Corsica is often called the mountains in the sea, finding out what are the highest summits of the island isn’t that easy. Géographie de la Corse in the French Wikipedia lists just few examples. German Wikipedia comes with this top seven:

  • Monte Cinto (2706 m)
  • Monte Rotondo (2622 m)
  • Punta Minuta (2556 m)
  • Paglia Orba (2525 m)
  • Monte d’Oro (2389 m)
  • Monte Renoso (2352 m)
  • Capu Tafunatu (2343 m)

An excellent article about Corsican mountains by Gangolf Haub on SummitPost.org states that “50 summits reach more than 2000m in elevation with Monte Cinto being the highest one.” English Wikipedia agrees with “Monte Cinto as the highest peak at 2706m,” however then mentions only “20 other summits of more than 2000m.” Where is the truth?

I took a couple of maps and made my own list of 45 peaks of Corsica that are higher than 2000 metres. The list is not complete and the real number probably exceeds 50. For instance there are at least five other peaks over 2000 m in the ridge of Monte Cinto and Paglia Orba, and another ones around Monte d’Oro. I did not include them, because they are difficult to identify exactly enough in my maps.

# Name Elevation
1 Monte Cinto 2706
2 Monte Rotondu 2622
3 Capu a u Perdatu 2583
4 Capu Biancu 2562
5 Punta Minuta 2556
6 Capu Falu 2540
7 Paglia Orba 2525
8 Capu Larghia 2503
9 Monte Cardo 2453
10 Punta Felicina 2437
11 Punta Lattiniccia 2413
12 Monte Padru 2393
13 Monte d’Orro 2389
14 Punta da i Ciottu 2379
15 Monte Renosu 2352
16 Pietra Niella 2345
17 Capu Tafunatu 2335
18 Punta Artica 2327
19 Punta a e Porte 2313
20 Cima di a Statoja 2304
21 Capu a Chiostru 2295
22 Capu Selolla 2273
23 Capu a i Sorbi 2267
24 Monte Tortu 2262
25 Punta a Vetta 2255
26 Punta Migliarellu 2254
27 Punta Cappella 2250
28 Punta Licciola 2237
29 Muvrela 2148
30 Capu Ladroncellu 2145
31 Monte Corona 2144
32 Aiguilles Popolasca 2180
33 Monte Niello 2157
34 Monte Incudine 2134
35 Punta Capizzeli 2106
36 Punta Scaldasole 2101
37 Cimatella 2098
38 Capu Terra Corscia 2079
39 Punta di a Cappella 2042
40 Punta Capannella 2032
41 Capu a u Dente 2029
42 Punta di Pinzi Corbini 2021
43 Punta di Tintennaja 2018
44 Capu a u Tozzu 2007
45 Punta Renosa 2008

You can explore all the summits listed above on Google Maps or download a KML file to view them on Google Earth. Please note, only the first 20 mountains are placed on the exact coordinates (using Google Earth high resolution aerial maps). Locations of the other ones may be slightly inaccurate.

Posted by Marek Prokop on Tue, 2007-03-13 12:02

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I took a couple of maps and

I took a couple of maps and made my own list of 45 peaks of Corsica that are higher than 2000 metres. The list is not complete and the real number probably exceeds 50.
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