Mare a Mare Nord

Mare a Mare Nord is a long-distance trail that crosses Corsica in its widest part from the Moriani village in the eastern coast to the town of Cargese in the West.

Mare a Mare Nord is a long-distance trail that crosses Corsica in its widest part from the Moriani village in the eastern coast to the town of Cargese in the West. With the highest point in 1478 m the trail can be walked from March to November.

The trail has two variants. The basic route is divided into 10 stages, each of them should take about 4-6 hours walking. The alternative branch starts either in Corte or in Sermano, returns back to the main route in Marignana, and it is one stage longer. Both variants of the Mare a Mare Nord intersect with the famous GR 20 route and the last stages from Marignana (or Evisa) to Cargese are common with the trail called Tra Mare e Monti. That creates some interesting combinations and round trips possible.

Mare a Mare Nord map

The map below shows both the basic Mare a Mare Nord route in green with red markers and the variant from Corte to Marignana in orange. The other trails of GR 20 and Tra Mare e Monti are in grey. The marked places are either larger villages (or towns) or places where overnight accommodation is possible. An altitude in metres is given at every marked place.

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Mare a Mare Nord - basic route

  1. Moriani Plage
  2. San Nicolao (125 m)
  3. Penti (626 m)
  4. Quarceto (680 m), Pie'd Alesani
  5. Pianello (878 m)
  6. Alando (875 m)
  7. Sermano (750 m)
  8. Santa Lucio di Mercurio (755 m)
  9. Corte (407 m)
  10. Refuge de la Sega (1166 m)
  11. Calaccuia (812 m)
  12. Albertacce (860 m)
  13. Col de Vergio (1478 m)
  14. Evisa (870 m)
  15. Marignana (715 m)
  16. E Case (735 m)
  17. Cargase

Mare a Mare Nord variant

  1. Poggio di Venaco (640 m)
  2. Venaco (565 m)
  3. Vivario (607 m)
  4. Refuge de l'Onda (1468 m)
  5. Pastricciola (544 m)
  6. Guagno (694 m)
  7. Soccia (729 m)
  8. Guagno les Bains (481 m)
  9. Letia (693 m)

Note: For the best online map of Corsica go to Gé, click on "Corse" on its home page, then select "Carte" left of the map and zoom to the ratio scale of at least 1:13000, where major hiking trails are mapped in purple and even contour lines are displayed.


Because of variants there are more possible itineraries. This is probably the most common one following the basic route:

  1. Moriani - I Penti (3h30)
  2. I Penti - Pianellu (7h30)
  3. Pianellu - Sermanu (4h50)
  4. Sermanu - Corte (5h)
  5. Corte - "A Sega" (5h30)
  6. "A Sega" - Albertacce (5h10)
  7. Albertacce - Evisa (7h)

Getting there and out

You can go to Porto Vecchio or Bastia by ferry from Italy or to the Poretta airport (near Bastia) by air. Then use a bus route Bastia - Porto Vecchio to get to Moriani. Note the bus stops in Poreta too, just 3 km from Bastia airport. Another bus route connects Cargese and Ajaccio, where is both a ferry port and an airport. If you plan to break your hike in Corte, you can use either the railroad Ajaccio - Corte - Bastia, or a bus route Corte - Bastia. Another bus connects Corte and Porto via Evisa.

Highlights of the trail


Traditional centre of Corsican culture and the seat of the Corsican university. Its citadel on a steep rock is impressive. See Corte in pictures.

Tavignano Valley

Rocky valley along the Tavignano river flowing from mountains to Corte.

Guagno les Bains

Guagno are is known for its thermal springs. The spa of Guagno offers cures treating the rheumatic diseases as well as mini cures to get back on form.

Additional resources on the Mare a Mare Nord trail

  • The Mare a Mare Nord by Rob Freeman and Michael Cooper - a detailed report of the trek from the beach of Moriani to the town of Cargese via Corte, made in 2002 by three Americans. Includes very useful advices on route finding, lodging along the trail and Corsican food.

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