Mare a Mare Sud

Mare a Mare Sud is the shortest of all the Mare a Mare (sea to sea) routes. It's an easy five-day hike through the Alta Rocca region from Porto-Vecchio in the Southeast to Propriano in the Southwest.

Mare a Mare Sud is the shortest of all the Mare a Mare (sea to sea) routes. It's an easy five-day hike through the Alta Rocca region from Porto-Vecchio in the Southeast to Propriano in the Southwest. With the highest point in 1171 m the trail is passable throughout the year, however the best times for walking are spring and autumn.

Mare a Mare Sud map

The map below shows the basic Mare a Mare Sud route in purple and its variants in blue. The red numbered markers indicating larger villages and towns, or places where overnight accommodation is possible. Places of interest along the way are marked by yellow markers with letters. An altitude in metres is given in legend at every marked place.

The official end of the trail is in Burgo, from where you can continue along Mare e Monti Sud (marked by the red line) to Olmeto and Porto Pollo, or take a hitch to Propriano (the dark blue line). The basic route leads straight from Levie (3) to Quenza (5), while the extension to Zonza (4) is a variant making the journey one day longer.

In order to see all overlapping markers, increase the map's scale with the slider on the left.


  1. Porto Vecchio - trailhead (36 m)
  2. Cartalavonu (1022 m)
  3. Levie (612 m)
  4. Zonza (778 m)
  5. Quenza (813 m)
  6. Serra di Scopamene (928 m)
  7. Ste-Lucie-de-Tallano (420 m)
  8. Burgo (177 m)
  9. Porto Pollo (9 m)
  10. Propriano (10 m)

Points of interest

  1. Foce Alta (1171 m)
  2. Punta di a Vacca Morta (1314 m)
  3. Carbini (534 m)
  4. Castellu di Cucuruzzu (720 m)
  5. Castellu di Capula (759 m)
  6. Ste Marie Chapel (813 m)
  7. Couvent de St-Francois (479 m)
  8. St-Jean-Baptiste Church (340 m)
  9. Tour de Micalona (73 m)

Note: For the best online map of Corsica go to G?©, click on "Corse" on its home page, then select "Carte" left of the map and zoom to the ratio scale of at least 1:13000, where major hiking trails are mapped in purple and even contour lines are displayed.


The following table lists all five daily stages of the basic Mare a Mare Sud route, without the extension to Zonza:

From To Highest point Ascent Descent Time ↓ Time ↑
Porto-Vecchio (140 m) Cartalavono (1020 m) 1020 m 1020 m 140 m 6h 4h30
Cartalavono (1020 m) Levie (610 m) 1171 m 510 m 920 m 6h 5h30
Levie (610 m) Serra di Scopamene (850 m) 1107 760 m 520 m 6h 6h
Serra di Scopamene (850 m) Santa Lucia di Tallano (450 m) 850 m 400 m 800 m 5h 5h
Santa Lucia di Tallano (450 m) Burgo (190 m) 700 m 675 m 945 m 6h 6h

Getting there and out

Porto Vecchio is directly accessible by ferries from Italy, a bus from Bastia or from Figari airport. In the other end of the trail the bus routes Ajaccio - Propriano - Porto Vecchio (Propriano is just 7 km from Burgo) and Ajaccio - Sartene - Zonza may be useful. Ajaccio is accessible by ferries from France and by air via Campo dell'Oro airport.

Lodging and food

Lodging along the route is available in rest houses (g?®tes d'?©tape) for about 35 ?‚¬. They have limited capacity of 18 to 90 beds, so you should carefully plan your walk and always book your accommodation in advance using the contact information below. Camping is possible at the gites. All gites listed below offer breakfasts and dinners.

  • Cartalavono - M. Monti 20137 Cartalavonu, tel:, fax:
  • Levie - Mme Prelis.I 20170 Levie, tel:
  • Quenza - G?®te Corse Odyss?©e 20122 Quenza, tel:, fax:
  • Ghjallicu - M. Milanini 20122 Quenza, tel:
  • Serra di Scopamene - M.Pastini 20127 Serra di Scopamena, tel:, fax:
  • Santa Lucia di Tallano - Mme Pirreda 20112 Sta Lucia di Tallano, tel:, fax:
  • Burgo - "U Fracintu" 20143 Burgu, tel:
  • Olmeto - Hôtel L'Aiglon 20113 Olmeto, tel:, fax:
  • Porto Pollo - Hôtel Les Eucalyptus 20113 Porto Pollo, tel:, fax:
  • Serra di Ferro (4 km north of Porto Pollo) - Mr Santoni 20140 Serra di Ferro, tel:,

Highlights of the trail

  • Famous archeological sites of Castello de Capula and Castellu di Cucurazazu between Levie and Quenza.
  • An old Church and a bell tower in Carbini built in 11th century in Romanesque style.
  • Another Romanesque church Saint Jean Baptiste from 12th century near the village Poggio in the 5th stage.

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